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Animal Control & Dog Licenses

Animal Control Officers

Gary Sudsbury - 343-4389

ACO's are not responsible for any wild animals, only domestic.

Dog Licenses

The State of Maine requires that a dog is to be licensed in the municipality of the owner's residence every year.

The requirements for licensing are:

  • once the puppy has reached six months of age

  • if adopted, has been with the new family for 10 days

  • have a valid rabies certificate

Links: MAINE STATE LAW           

          New Law on DANGEROUS and NUISANCE Dogs      

FEES: $6.00 altered and $11.00 unaltered

          $70.00 Nuisance Dog

          $150.00 Dangerous Dog

          $25.00 Impound Fee

Renewal licenses are sold starting on Oct. 15th and need to be done before January 1st. 

As of Feb. 1st, a $25.00 late fee (per dog) will be applied to the license fee.

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