Motor Vehicles


    - Names, Addresses & Signatures 

      of BOTH the BUYER(s) and the SELLER(s)

    - Date of the Sale

    - Year, Make, Model, VIN / Serial #                      (no matter what type of vehicle)

    - ME number for rec vehicles (if avail.)

    - Purchase Price for the item(s) if you 

      are buying - something WITH a trailer, 

      please list information and value(s) 




New & Renewal Registrations - Transit Plates & Boosters - Issue License Plates

New Registrations:             ALWAYS need your current Insurance ID Card & current Mileage  

                                                                    (Insurance ID Cards can be seen digitally)                       

Dealer Sale

  • Title Application

  • Window Sticker (for 2019 and newer)

  • Bill of Sale

  • Current Insurance Card

  • Current Mileage


Private Sale

  • Title (1995 and newer) - signed over by the SELLER to the BUYER

  • Bill of Sale*

  • Current Insurance Card

  • Current Mileage

Private Sale/Financed 

  • Title Application

  • Bill of Sale*

  • Current Insurance Card

  • Current Mileage


  • Current Insurance Card

  • Current Mileage

    It is not necessary to bring your old registration, however it is helpful.

Re-Registrations or Corrections for NEW CORINTH Residents: 

Corrections to current regs. are free and should be done within 30 days of moving into town. 

  • Current Registration 

  • Proof of Physical Residency (Updated Drivers License, Electric Bill, Rental/Lease agreement, Bank Statement, paystub etc.) 

  • Current Insurance Card

  • Current Mileage

 NOTE: If you decide to get a Vanity or Disability plate, please bring your updated 

 YELLOW registration into the office so we can update your information. 

Transit Plates: (for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, Trailers, or Campers)

  • Proof of Insurance on the vehicle in the customer's name (not for trailers/campers)

  • Transit Plates are $13.00 for ONE-way/ONE Trip and $24.00 for TWO-ways and valid for a 10 day period for one trip.

Vehicles must not have been previously registered in the customer's name. 


  • Current Registration to be boosted


Note: You need your current yellow registration information to renew.

Need a re-reg reminder

emailed to you?

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NOTE: If you have a

License Suspension or SR22,

you need to pay your excise

HERE and then complete your

registration at the Bangor BMV.

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